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Cult Intervention
Hourly Rates, Fees, and Other Info

This page covers details in addition to the pricing info covered on our main pricing page. Not all of these details may apply to your situation. 



  • Flat Fee

  • Therapist costs (external)

  • Daily Rate Per  Intervention Specialist

  • Travel Costs

  • Therapist costs (external)

  • Daily Rate Per Intervention Specialist

  • Travel Costs

  • Therapist costs (external)

Post-Assessment Follow-up Sessions

Clients who complete a Case Assessment with People Leave Cults are considered eligible for hourly consultations with our team. 

You are NOT required to utilize any follow-up services. We offer hourly sessions as a courtesy to you, but not all of our clients use or need further consultation. 

Additional fees or costs (travel, daily rates, etc.) may be relevant depending on the outcome of your case. This page provides insights on some of these costs, qualifying situations, and other important details. 

Hourly Rates

Telephone Consultations, Research (information gathering, reviewing publications, audio/video, correspondence), Post-Intervention/Mediation Consultations, Legal Case Research, e-mail: 

  • Established client rate for telephone consultations/virtual meetings (via skype, zoom, whereby, etc.): $150.00 per hour 

  • Internet research: $100.00 per hour

  • In-person information gathering: $150.00 per hour

  • Legal case research: $175.00 per hour 

  • Travel time: $860.00 per day plus travel expenses 

  • If brought on for a partial case assessment: $150 per hour

How to Pay

Before proceeding with an Assessment, you will have time to discuss our rates and ask any questions about our services. 

We will share a detailed Fee Schedule that includes an estimate of your total costs. Included in our Fee Schedule is a retainer which covers the total costs of said estimate.


All payments must be made in US currency. Any balance due is expected at the end of the consultation, case assessment, intervention preparation, intervention or other services.

For concerns regarding payment, costs, fees, or other financial questions, please reach out to OR your established point of contact at People Leave Cults. 

Travel & Accommodations

● accommodations: business-standard hotel accommodations are necessary, and should provide: front-desk, high-speed Internet, 24-hour phone/fax 

access-incoming and outgoing, and security. 

● airfare: airline tickets should be mailed or arrangements made to have them available for pick-up at the airport. 

● other: airport transfers, taxis, trains, airfare, rental vehicles, tolls, fuel, meals. ● miscellaneous: printing, duplication. 

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