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Cult Intervention


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We Are Committed To Transparent, Clear, and Fair Pricing

It's hard to put a price tag on helping a loved one grapple with coercive control (or cult involvement)

The goal of this page is to help you understand what you are paying for and why it can be valuable when seeking to maintain or improve your relationship with a cult-involved loved one. 

We encourage you to reach out with questions or concerns. Rates provided for both US-based clients and international (non-US-based) clients.


USA Rate

International Rate



What To Expect

  • Detailed review of your situation.

  • Discussion of your concerns and identification of goals.

  • Recommendations and concrete steps to do next.

  • Time to ask any questions you have.


Our hope is to make you feel comfortable, help you understand if we can do anything for your loved one, and then determine whether or not you wish to work with us. 

Your information is confidential, and we do not solicit further engagement if you do not wish to use our services.


USA Rate

International Rate

What To Expect:

We will provide a clear and honest overview of your situation from the perspective of professionals in coercive control.

Our process is designed to uncover:

  1. Why your loved one joined their group.

  2. Why they are currently deciding to stay in the group.

  3. What can be done to encourage them to leave.

We cannot dispel all fears related to your loved one's potential cult involvement. We can help you distill those fears and provide recommendations on how to respond. ​



What Sorts of Services

Do Interventions Include?

Depending on your situation and unique circumstances, you may receive a combination of the following services as we arrange an Intervention:

  • Fact-finding to uncover vital information about your situation.

  • Interviews with loved ones who wish to be involved in the process. 

  • Education to help you understand coercive practices affecting your situation.

  • Consulting calls to help with your case.

  • Assignments to help you strengthen your ability to engage with your coercion affected loved one. 

  • A detailed plan to ensure all involved are ready to proceed with an Intervention.

  • Hands-on training and practice to smooth the way for positive outcomes.

  • Coaching on how to form an environment that empowers your loved one's ability to identify coercion and consider alternative options.

  • Recommendations on how to move into action.

Depending on your case, we may recommend working with additional team members. Hourly rate does not include other potential costs (e.g., therapist, private investigator, travel, etc,). If such costs are necessary, they will always be clearly communicated to you. 

Calculating Total Costs

If you've read our Cult Intervention Process page, you may be wondering about the timeline you can expect with your case and how it affects costs. 

With time and coaching, many situations improve organically.


Your case may or may not a lengthy intervention. Until we've had a chance to review your situation and speak with you directly, we are unable to provide a comprehensive estimate of timelines, costs, or other factors. 


Reminder: Not All of These May Apply to Your Situation

Interventions are very difficult to generalize. Becuase of this, we're working on pages that help answer some of the questions we frequently hear during our initial conversations. 

Check back for updates, future considerations, and more.

  • Travel Costs

  • Does People Leave Cults work virtually?

  • Scheduling Sessions, Hourly Rates, and How to Pay

  • Privacy and Data Security

  • How Many People Are Involved in a Case?

  • Information About References

Every Cult Intervention is different.


Our aim is to create positive effects in your relationship with your cult-involved loved one.  

Ask Us Your Intervention Questions

Thanks for getting in touch!

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