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How Can We Help You?

Cult Recovery Services

Learn about your experience and the road to recovery

Cult Intervention Services

Seek help for a loved one who is affected by coercive control.

Navigating the cult recovery field can be overwhelming. 

What does cult recovery have to offer? Are there organizations and resources to aid survivors of destructive groups or relationships? 


Over the last 20 years, research on high-demand or destructive groups (often referred to as cults) has increased substantially, providing more insight into the mental health of those in these settings.


We’ve begun to understand cult member’s relationship to coercive environments and the resulting issues surrounding identity (Dubrow-Marshall & Dubrow-Marshall, 2016). 


Recent years have seen an increase in documentaries, podcasts, and other forms of media.


General audiences are now fascinated by cults, and focus is turning toward improving the quality of life for individuals who have been harmed or who may be seeking information about deconstructing controlling influences. 


Living in the digital age, information and education surrounding these topics are more accessible than ever. The flip side is that the amount of content out there can be overwhelming to navigate alone.

People Leave Cults offers a variety of services to help former members and the families of cult-involved individuals as they navigate cult recovery. 

What You Can Expect:

Empathy & Understanding

Cult involvement is difficult for a myriad of reasons. When you seek help from PLC, we'll do everything we can to meet you where you are. 

Cult Survivor Consultation

This session is for you if...


  • You want to learn more about concepts relating to cultic involvement such as undue influence, coercive control, spiritual abuse, etc. in order to expand your understanding of your experience

  • Have questions about what is available in regard to therapeutic resources and mental health professionals

  • Have questions surrounding your recovery journey

  • You are curious about furthering your education or working as a professional in the cult recovery field

  • You are interested in connecting with a cult recovery professional


This 50-minute session is an opportunity to have a conversation with a cult recovery specialist with:


  • Experience in multiple non-profit settings in the cult recovery field

  • Hands-on time helping those fresh out of cultic environments

  • The ability to answer questions regarding many aspects of seeking recovery resources

  • Connections with various experts in the cult recovery field

  • Academic qualifications - a Master’s in the Psychology of Coercive Control

  • Experience working with families who have loved ones in coercive relationships and environments

If you require financial assistance, please reach out via our contact form for details on reduced rates. 

Please note:

This session is NOT an emergency service, therapy, or medical in nature.

I am a consultant who offers resources, tools, and information so that you can determine the best route to move forward in your recovery journey. 

Cult Intervention Services

This session is for you if...


  • You have a friend, family member, or loved one who is cult involved or affected by undue influence. 

  • You have questions about coercion, undue influence, and cult involvement's affects on an individual's health, personal freedom, and lifestyle. 

  • Are seeking support of cult-aware professionals to assess whether intervention or mediation is an ethical course of action. 

Our free initial consultation will give you the ability to see whether services such as ours will be beneficial for your situation. 



This session is an opportunity to start an ongoing relationship with cult recovery specialists at People Leave Cults. Our goal is to educate you, support you, and potentially provide recommendations to qualified professionals. 


  • Initial evaluation requires the completion of a detailed intake form

    • Please note that if the intake form is not completed by date of scheduled session, PLC and its partners reserve the right to cancel your session.​

  • Established clients will be provided a fee schedule for ongoing consultations.

  • Cult intervention / mediation services are considered on a case-by-case basis according to each individual's situation. 

Please note:

This session is NOT an emergency service, therapy, or medical in nature.

I am a consultant who offers resources, tools, and information so that you can determine the best route to move forward in your recovery journey. 

Need something different?


Everyone's situation is unique.


If you don't see an option above that fits your needs, please get in touch!

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