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Cult Recovery

Seeking Help For Cult Recovery?

People Leave Cults offers a dedicated service for post-cult recovery.

On this page, we go in-depth about this service, how we built it to ensure your safety, and how it can help you during your journey after involvement in a high-demand group.

We want to share how People Leave Cults is 
Empowering Cult Recovery

3 Key Elements of Cult Recovery



The main thrust of People Leave Cult's Cult Recovery Service is Psychoeducation.


This service is not therapy or in any way meant to be misconstrued as such.

We believe that teaching a coerced individual about their group involvement is best done after they have left their group of their own volition.

At People Leave Cults, Psychoeducation as a part of cult recovery is only ever done with former members who are willing participants. People Leave Cults has never engaged in involuntary "deprogramming" and never will

We allow individuals to self-select for this service if and only if they determine they need it. 

We also offer a Financial Aid Request option that allows you to pay whatever rate is comfortable for your budget. This is how we aim to ensure that this service is accessible to former members.

It should be stressed that this Cult Recovery Service is not an alternative to Cult Intervention. Cult Intervention is a much more involved process for those with loved ones who are involved in a cult. You can learn more by visiting our Cult Intervention page. 


 If you have already left or are considering leaving your group and feel safe enough to reach out, you are welcome to do so.


Empathy and Understanding

Understanding the lived experience of ex-cult members is a critical part of what makes People Leave Cults different.

Our aim is to treat all ex-members who come to us with respect. We do not guilt or shame former members who trust us during their recovery process.


Cult survivors have already experienced a great deal of trauma from their group. Empathy and Understanding are key elements that empower them on their healing journey. 

Rather than simply say that we understand your situation, People Leave Cults works diligently to build and share resources that meet your needs. You are welcome - encouraged - to browse these before you reach out.

We'd love to hear your feedback too!


Community & Celebration

The psychological manipulation of the group might leave ex-cult members with low self esteem, cut them off from old friends, result in parental alienation, and make it difficult to find new friends or support groups. For many, part of leaving a group involves culture shock.

Part of People Leave Cult's long-term mission is to build safe spaces for former members who want to share their experience, build relationships, and heal. This is what we mean by Community & Celebration.

Initial efforts in this direction include our social media presence and a dedicated subreddit for anonymous conversation.

Beyond online consultations, our team also volunteers time with a local meetup called SAFE. - an effort to provide psychoeducation and community to former members in Portland, OR. PLC also seeks opportunities to volunteer with former members and families at conferences and other events.

We also offer ways for former members to engage in online support group-style offerings that are safe, non-confrontational, and empowering. 

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What You Can Expect From Our Cult Recovery Service

First and foremost, it's important to note that every conversation we have with former members is different. We can share common themes that we have seen time and again, but your needs may be entirely different than what we describe here - and that's OKAY!


For the most part, here's what you can expect:

  1. In your first conversation with People Leave Cults, we'll spend time getting to know you.

  2. We may or may not talk about your group experience, how you decided to leave, and your current support system.

  3. At the end of your session, we aim to provide resources and recommendations based on the information you disclose.

If you decide to engage in future sessions, we'll provide curated recommendations that are designed to help increase understanding for ex-cult members.

Some of the topics we may discuss with you include:

  • Undue Influence

  • Mind Control Techniques and How They Work

  • Psychological and Spiritual Abuse

  • Why People Join Cults

  • Insights from Other Former Cult Members

  • Life After Destructive Cults

  • Growth After Leaving A Closed Environment

  • The History of Cultic Studies

  • Models of Coercive Control

  • The Recovery Process

Is People Leave Cults Right For You?

Ex-members are on a lifelong journey to build a secure identity and their own truth/belief system.

We understand that for many, that can mean that you are hypervigilant of anyone offering a service designed to "help". It is a precarious situation that we refuse to take advantage of.

We want to ensure that you are aware that PLC is not the only service available to you for cult recovery.

Part of the ethical considerations that underline what we do emphasize an idea called informed consent.

To make the best decision possible, you are entitled to as much information as we can morally and ethically agree to share. Because our clients have already suffered from abusive relationships, psychological manipulation, or some other form of undue influence, we do our best to encourage that you explore all options if you feel the need to do so.​

The path of ex-cult members is a difficult one to chart.

The Cult Recovery Industry has an unfortunate history of infighting, inflated egos, and gatekeepers. We think that's a shame.

People Leave Cults is dedicated to helping the victims of abusive groups in their post-cult journey.


By sharing this information with you, we share our hope that by improving cult recovery resources for former group members, we can continue to fight the impact of destructive cults in the years to come.

This session is for you if...

  • You want to learn more about concepts relating to cultic involvement such as undue influence, coercive control, spiritual abuse, etc. in order to expand your understanding of your experience.

  • You have questions about what is available in regard to therapeutic resources and mental health professionals.

  • You have questions surrounding your recovery journey.

  • You are curious about furthering your education or working as a professional in the cult recovery field.

  • You are interested in connecting with a cult recovery professional.


The Cult Recovery service provided by People Leave Cults, LLC is not meant to be a substitute for professional counseling from mental health professionals.

This session is NOT an emergency service, therapy, or medical in nature. It is a session with a consultant who offers resources, tools, and information so that you can determine the best route to move forward in your recovery journey. 

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