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Cult Recovery and Intervention Resources

People Leave Cults provides resources for victims of coercion and cultic influence.


Check below for resources and collaborations designed to educate everyone on the dangers and impacts of these practices. 

Free Guide: What Is A Cult?

If you're new to cults - or wondering if your personal experience counts as being "cult involved" - start with a deep dive into some of the most helpful definitions of the word "cult".

Even if you think you know what a cult is - our findings might surprise you!

Free Resources and Projects to Help You Understand Cults

Talk to us!


Everyone's situation is unique.


If you are interested in resources, curious about intervention, or want to help spread cult awareness, get in touch!

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Services from People Leave Cults

People Leave Cults offers a variety of services to help both cult survivors and the families/friends of cult-involved people. 

We invite you to explore whichever offering fits your needs at the links below. 

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