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Survivors of Complex Trauma Group Offering

People Leave Cults is excited to offer a community group designed for those who have experienced complex trauma in cultic groups or relationships

Former members of cults or high demand groups are welcome to apply.

Note: This group is limited to 15 participants. Future groups may be considered based on demand. 

Disclaimer: This community group service provided by People Leave Cults, LLC is not meant to be a substitute for individualized professional counseling from mental health professionals. This session is NOT an emergency service, therapy, or medical in nature.

About This Community Group

Upcoming Dates & Times

December 21

All sessions at 7:00 - 8:30 PM EST

This group is offered on a monthly basis.


$45 per Meetup


Community Group Description

“...Seeking group involvement with a charismatic leader is natural and human, and that cult involvement has the potential to induce profoundly painful and traumatic stress reactions. Rather than label cult involvement as aberrant, it is more humane to label it a natural disaster. Thus, cult involvement is akin to a hurricane or earthquake in its ubiquity in human history and its ability to shake people’s nervous systems in profound ways.” 


-Shelly Rosen, LCSW

Cult Info Since 1979 - Cults A Natural Disaster (

Facilitators Ashlen Hilliard and Dr. Erin Falconer are excited to offer psychoeducation and community support for those who have experienced complex trauma in cultic groups or relationships. 

People Leave Cults is proud to collaborate with Dr. Erin Falconer, who prior to becoming a psychotherapist, worked as a neuroscientist. Her therapeutic approaches are informed by her expertise in neuroscience, and she studies how therapy can change the brain and improve symptoms in people who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. 


Her collaborative research was highlighted by the U.S. Veteran’s Affairs National Center for PTSD and U.S. Navy Medicine. 


The following questions/topics may be explored during the course of our 2023 meetups: 


  • What is complex trauma?

  • How does trauma manifest in the body?

  • What are the different types of therapy offered for those who have experienced trauma?

  • How to speak to a therapist about past cult involvement?

  • What specific therapeutic modalities exist for those who have complex trauma? 

  • How to cope with receiving a psychological diagnosis?

  • What happens to your brain when you are traumatized?

  • How to heal your mind after trauma?

Accessibility and Safety

To ensure a good experience for all attendees and participants, People Leave Cults offers the following accessibility considerations:

  • Sharing pronouns verbally or as a part of your attendee display name can create a safer environment for everyone. However, you have the option to opt out of sharing your pronouns if you don't want to, no questions asked!

  • Closed captioning will be available.

  • Participants can choose whether or not to enable their video during the Zoom meeting. 

  • Participants can self-disclose what they feel comfortable sharing.

  • Participants will also have the ability to leave feedback with the organizers.

If there are any additional accommodations that would help you, please reach out to

Other Services from People Leave Cults

People Leave Cults offers a variety of services to help both cult survivors and the families/friends of cult-involved people. 

We invite you to explore whichever offering fits your needs at the links below. 

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