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People Leave Cults is helping get the word out about cults and coercion all over the web!

Browse below to see interviews, videos, podcasts, and more. 


NewsNation Interview

This interview about the Soldiers of Christ group was aired on NewsNation: The Ashley Banfield Show in October 2023. 

HuffPost: The 9 Most Common Personality Traits In Cult Leaders

Ashlen Hilliard was featured in an article discussing common personality traits in cult leaders. There's a lot to learn in this informative article!

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Generation Cult 

Season 3 is in the works! Ashlen Hilliard was invited to be a guest interviewer and discussant with Dhyana Levey for the next season of her Podcast.

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Cult Vault - "People Quit Cults" Interview

A podcast offering in-depth insight into some of history's most infamous Cults, modern-day sects and conspiracies within these groups.

American Gangster: Trap Queens Season 3: Episode 9

This episode highlights how Tracie Dickey, a charismatic pastor from Pittsburgh was sentenced to 12 years in prison for labor trafficking and fraud.

Ashlen was interviewed for the show - check out the episode!

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Cult Talk | Amateur Hour Podcast

A dive into the deep end of the wild world of cults to demystify and de-stigmatize talking about the subject as a whole.

Spiritual Abuse Forum for Education (SAFE) Interview

Interview between Ken Garrett and Ashlen Hilliard on the Spiritual Abuse Forum for Education (SAFE) Meetups in Portland, Oregon.

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Maxwell's Kitchen Podcast - Episode 57

In this episode, Ashlen and Maxwell discuss Polygamy, The Church of Christ, hyper-conservative, Catholicism, and much more!

After the Cult: Exploring Healthy Relationships for LGBQA+ Individuals

Part of a series discussing lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and asexual (LGBQA+) individuals who were born or raised in cults and how they can navigate relationships. 

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What Should I Think About? Interview

Ashlen talks about her experience as a born-in member of a small Christian Fundamentalist group called the Churches of Christ, and her work as the Director of Events at the International Cultic Studies Association.

Cult Education Event Creation Interview | Whova

A case study on using Whova's platform to plan and coordinate online events for cult education. 


Cult Busters Article

Article interview with Ashlen Hilliard from the Jamaica Observer concerning some events from 2021

"It's Hard to put Into Words:" Understanding my Experience with Spiritual Abuse

Part 1 of an SMGA series focused on recovery from spiritual and sexual abuse.


The Tennessee Holler Interview: Cult Experts

Interview with Debby Schriver, Steve Eichel, Ashlen Hilliard on the popular Tennessee Holler podcast

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