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What Types of Cults Are Out There?

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The classic example: fiery sermons, strange rituals, and charismatic leaders. And perhaps... more. 


Is that new movement the political flavor of the month, or a sinister plot by coercive forces? 

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Multi-level schemes. Unfair labor practices. "Founder's Syndrome". Harm can happen at work, too!


Intimate partner violence isn't just physical. Gaslighting, narcissistic control, and reproductive coercion happen at home too. 


The Internet is wild and wonderful, but full of woes. Finding community online can be life changing, but cult-like? You may be surprised.


Academia faces challenges of undue influence, coercive control, and psychological violence - just like any other place where likeminded gather. 

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Everyone's situation is unique.


If you are interested in resources, curious about intervention, or want to help spread cult awareness, get in touch!

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