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Cult Recovery Professionals

People Leave Cults is dedicated to helping survivors of abusive groups and relationships in their post-cult journey.


One of the ways that we foster community in the cult recovery space is through collaborations with helping professionals with a diverse array of education, experiences, and expertise.


By sharing this information with you, we share our hope that by improving cult recovery resources for former group members, we can continue to fight the impact of destructive cults in the years to come.


People Leave Cults is proud to highlight professionals who demonstrate empathy and understanding in their work with survivors and see the value in fostering community within the cult recovery space.

Cult Media Messaging: Feeling Comfortable with Sharing Your Story

Presented by Dhyana Levey, MSc – Media Consultant and Founder of Cult Media Messaging.

People who have left cults are sometimes approached by members of the media to discuss their experiences. Participating can have upsides and downsides.

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Cult Media Messaging
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